If then the Church is Christ’s body, Christ is the Head of the body, forming the countenance of the Church with His own features.  Perhaps it is this that the friends of the Bridegroom saw when they were given heart: in her they see more clearly that which is invisible.  It is like men who are unable to look upon the sun, yet they can see it by its reflection in the water.  So the friends of the Bridegroom see the Sun of Righteousness by looking upon the face of the Church as though it were a pure mirror, and thus He can be seem by His reflection.

St Gregory of Nyssa

Video presentation from the Archdiocese of Canada

How to find the Church:

Fr. Andrew Anderson
Cell 514 945 0706
Vespers Saturday evening 5:00pm
Matins Sunday morning 9:00am
Divine Liturgy Sunday 10:00am
Fellowship Hour following Liturgy

Visitors are always welcome!
Come worship the Most Holy Trinity with us!

Services are in English, with a little Greek and Slavonic added.
974 Sydenham Rd, Kingston, Ontario
(613) 800 9537

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